Valencia Zoo

The Bioparc, opened in 2008, was born to replace the old Valencia Zoo. Located in the Header Park, with facilities under the concept of zoo-dive. There we will not see caged animals. Everyone is in a perfect recreation of their habitat. The observation is facilitated by some innovative catwalks where we will find security and privileged vision.


Seeing rhinos and giraffes or big cats and apes as in the savannah thrills those who see it. We can also follow the path of the elephants to the cave excavated by themselves. All recreations, which allow the hidden observation and the respect for animals.


Fortunately, the expansion plan is underway and we will soon be able to enjoy other ecosystems on the planet. The Bioparc project has a philosophy of sustainability and promotes conservation and reproduction of endangered species.

The Bioparc of Valencia:

Open your doors daily from 10 am to 6 pm to 9 pm, depending on the time of year. The general admission It is ā‚¬ 21, and there are discounts for minors and large families. You can not enter any type of food or drinks to the site for security reasons.
How to get: It’s on Av. PĆ­o Baroja, 3 and several bus lines leave you there. Nearby is the October 9 station of Metro L3 and L5.

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