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Valencian typical costume

Spain It is a country with a history and tradition influenced by different peoples, religions and races that have given rise to their customs. These customs are linked to the festivities and culture of their cities, seeing each one of them reflected in the costume of each destination.

He Valencian typical costume It is the one of the fallera, the same one that is composed of a linen shirt and short sleeves that is decorated with pieces in lace and a chambra that is used in the form of a corset and that is adorned with hand embroidery.

Within the accessories and underwear, the suit can not fail to have cotton or wool socks (for the cold season) or thread or silk (for the summer time or for daily use), in addition, the socks They are fastened with ribbons that serve to tie them around the legs so that they remain stretched.

They are usually white and have hand-embroidered floral motifs in gold and silver threads. Under the skirt layered petticoats are used to give flight to it and inner pants that are worn to the knees and that can be made of silk, thread or cotton.

Other accessories are the justillo, a sleeveless corset that conforms to the shape of the body; the doublet, short-sleeved jacket; cossos, name with which all the pieces that are used to stylize the female trunk are known; apron, which is placed on the front of the skirt and is decorated with gold thread embroidery; manteleta, a kind of long scarf that is used on the shoulders and that can be square or triangular in shape and that is fastened in the chest with some jewel.

Also, in the Valencian typical costume It is common for needles to be used as accessories to hold the hair bun; the earrings, especially in the form of a cluster; the brooches, choker style; the combs, which like the needles adorn the bun although they are more decorative and are usually engraved with very elegant motifs; and the tablecloths, rectangular in shape and made of lace and lace.

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