Vergel Safari

Travel to African jungle It was never closer to our possibilities. In Alicante, Spain we can meet one of the safari zoos most visited in Europe: the famous Vergel Safari.

Vergel Safari It gathers 35 hectares of safari land where you can experience accompanied by guides that make us see each of the 145 species of animals that inhabit the place. There are a total of 1400 animals within a theme park that gathers animals in freedom and in semi-freedom (as is the case of risky animals such as lions and bengal tigers).

vergel safari

The greatest thing about the place is that we can see very closely the interaction of animals in their own natural habitat traveling in a Vergel vehicle that takes us at least throughout the first area of ​​the enclosure inhabited by lions.

vergel safari

The areas of the place indicate regions that divide themes into space: Iberian fauna, African birds, Asian and oceanic fauna, large herbivores, etc.

The park also has a dolphinarium and shows that take turns throughout the day that opens to the public at 10 am every day.

safari vergel lions

The entrance to the park costs 17 euros and its address is Carretera CV 700 Vergel – Pego Km 65, in Alicante.

Vergel Sea Lion Safari

safari vergel kanguro

safari vergel asian pigs

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