Victoria Falls Adventure

The largest waterfalls on the planet, as well as the most unusual in terms of shape and biological diversity observed. The victoria fallsThey represent one of these wonders of the world that offer endless adventures for the traveler who seeks to quench his thirst for adrenaline and his love to explore!

Photo of Victoria Falls

The offers of adventures and activities that occur in the falls of Vitoria are several and diverse, but more than anything quite entertaining, since with a height of more than 107 meters and a curtain (of the widest in the world) of 708 meters! More than something impressive must come true!

Bungee in Victoria Falls

Well, it is best to start with a delta wing flight for a “reconnaissance” trip from the air, crossing the entire Zambezi River until it reaches its fall into the abyss. Upon arrival at your base, we invite you to choose between rafting through its crystalline waters through the rapids of the Zambezi, or take a walk through the rainforest until you reach the huge bridge, to launch in Bungi (one of the favorite places across the planet for this sport).


Or for those who are looking for a adventure A little quieter and more relaxed by the Victoria Falls, you can go to the Mosi os Tunya National Park (The Vapor that Roars), to observe elephants, buffalo, zebras, rhinos and more variety of local fauna!

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