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Viera y Clavijo Botanical Garden (Jardin Canario) – Gran Canaria

Popularly called the “Canarian Garden”, the Viera y Clavijo Botanical Garden, is located 8 kilometers from The Gran Canarian palms, near Tafira. It was founded in 1952, by the Swedish botanist Sventenius.

The Botanical Garden of Gran Canaria

Born to conserve and protect the native flora, it has grown with contributions from all over the planet. Today it carries out an important teaching and research work in its 27 hectares hung on the side of a ravine.

Botanical Garden

The Botanist is structured in several sectors:

The Las Palmeras Square, which is a garden where Canary palms are the only protagonists. The Greenhouses, one dedicated to harbor tropical species and another to native species. The Garden of the islands, which houses more than 500 endemic species of the islands. Some 10,000 species of crass plants worldwide live in the Succulent Garden. In the Macaronesian Garden diverse native species of ornamental value are cultivated. There are two Areas of Pinar Canary on the sides of the ravine. The Laurisilva It shows us the natural forests of the Mediterranean basin in the Tertiary era. Another area shows the plants of the Low and Coastal Areas. The Thermosclerophile Forest it represents the vegetation that develops below the pine forest, with olive trees, dragon trees, and other shrubs. The Rupicultural Vegetation, with the sample of communities nestled in rocky walls and slopes of ravines.

The canary dragon

It is accessed by the downtown road or the one that connects Tafira with San Lorenzo. The garden opens daily from 9 to 18 hours. Entrance is free and open.

Canary garden

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