Viesgo Bridge Spa

The Viesgo Bridge Spa is located in the heart of Cantabria, in the middle of the valley of river pas. Its mineral-medicinal water is indicated for the treatment of various health problems, such as respiratory, cardiovascular, rheumatologic and psychosomatic disorders. Before enjoying the spa spring, visitors must go through a medical consultation or medical questionnaire.

Viesgo Bridge Spa

Waters emerge on tertiary grounds, in the part called ‘Cantabrian Ocean Stain’. These are waters of medium mineralization, with a predominance of chloride and partner ions. They also contain calcium and carbon dioxide. his temperature reaches 34.6 degrees, called mesothermal.

Viesgo Bridge seaside view

The place is part of a complex with a Grand Hotel Four stars, restaurant and fun areas. Its facilities are nestled in the open nature. And it is the option for many vacationers who come to Cantabria in search of relaxation. They offer spacious suites and rooms, which are in harmony with the natural environment and modernity.

Spa Viesgo Bridge couples

Water Temple in Puente Viesgo.

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