Vips restaurants

VIPS it is a restaurant chain of Spain, known for its minimalist and at the same time cozy decoration that uses solid colors like white and red in combination with black quilted seats. The visitor can try things that are not offered in other places. It is characterized by offering exquisite meals, which make even the most common result different.

Vips restaurants

The restaurants VIPS They offer a wide variety of dishes for all tastes. If you are taking care of yourself or on a diet you can try your vegetarian menu. If you want to try new different flavors, you can order one of their exotic dishes. There are also burgers and mixed dishes.

Restaurants vips food

These restaurants they also offer Breakfasts and snacks. Here are the chocolate syrup and whipped cream cakes.

Vips restaurants smoking

They usually receive around 120 thousand customers per day. This group of restaurants, in spite of having relatively high prices, have come to invoice in 2006 more than 300 million euros.

Having lunch in a VIP restaurant in Madrid.

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