Virgin Beaches

The pristine beaches They are usually beautiful places, where nature abounds and there is no man-built, in relation to services or sales.

pristine beaches enjoying the sunset

These beaches are the favorite of many bathers who want to enjoy a natural wonder. That is why if you go in a group and what you think is to stay it is better to take what is necessary to camp and also to save the waste and leave the beach clean.

The following are some virgin beaches:

Virgin beaches of Corralejo. This is an ideal place to practice diving, sport fishing and even the surf. It has ample space, in addition to a spectacular landscape.

pristine beaches

Virgin beaches in San Vicente de la Barquera. It is part of a great nature, here there are many kilometers of beach for the taste of visitors.

virgin beaches Cantabria

Virgin beaches in Santander. It is one of the virgin beaches that has surveillance and a perfect daily cleaning.

virgin surfing beaches

Virgin beaches of Somo. Beach coveted by practitioners of the surf, because he almost always has good waves to practice this sport. And when the sea is calm it is perfect to go to bathe.

pristine beaches calm sea

All virgin beaches are part of a natural environment that must learn to be valued by people.

A sample of the beauty of the virgin beaches.

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