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Virtual visit to the Congress of Deputies

Through official portal of the Congress of Deputies it is possible to access the section of Virtual visit, an interactive space with a series of multimedia content that will allow us to move through the different environments of the emblematic building from the comfort of our computer and without having to leave home.

With the virtual visit to the Congress of Deputies We will be able to visualize a great amount of panoramic photos taken in 360 degrees and that have been distributed according to the most outstanding congress scenarios. Each image has a touch of animation and a personalized guide for a satisfying experience.

In this virtual visit it is possible to manually choose between exterior and interior of the Congress of Deputies, as well as access to the Guided Tour or Quick Visit that has been arranged in the main menu of the website.

In a matter of a few minutes we can access detailed information about the environments and elements that are part of the documentary, historical and artistic heritage of the Congress.

To make this tour we must enter, the installation of any program or application is not required to enjoy the virtual tour, of course, the download of each panoramic image has an average of 150 kbytes in size and will run on our computer through a java applet.

Among the most outstanding environments of the virtual visit, we can enter a virtual tour through the congress hall, office of the President, Hall of Ministers, Conference Hall, Clock Desk, Constitution Desk, Session Hall, among others.

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