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Virtual visit to the Sistine Chapel

Within the interactive news which we have in recent years and that are gaining popularity, we find virtual visits to sites of tourist attraction. This time, we enter the interior of the Sistine Chapel and we know the highlights of one of the most precious treasures of the Vatican City.

The Sistine Chapel keep inside one of the most valuable jewels in the Vatican City, these are true masterpieces under the responsibility of the painter Michelangelo (We can visualize the walls, murals and frescoes decorate the vaults), responsible for a variety of classic artistic creations that have endured as part of an invaluable cultural legacy.

If you can't travel by Vatican and witness the historical beauty of the Sistine Chapel, then there is no better offer than to go to a virtual visit to navigate around the huge complex from the comfort of your computer. This online service has been possible thanks to the effort and dedication of a professional photo display, which over a period of two years has managed to gather thousands of panoramic images of the enclosure and project them in a 360-degree route and in high-definition scale so that the vision of the spaces is twenty times higher than the photograph that we would achieve with a camera of more than twelve megapixels.

In the virtual visit to the Sistine Chapel We can visualize everything that is around each room, look at works of art, paintings and even the detail of floors, walls, ceiling and others. This visit is a three-dimensional projection in a digital format that promises to lead to a near and real experience. All interested parties can go to the official page of the Sistine Chapel and start your virtual tour.

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