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Virtual visit to the Sorolla Museum

Get ready to enter the interactive universe of the Sorolla Museum, an original proposal inspired by a virtual support that will show us a detailed tour of the main exhibition halls inside the Sorolla Museum. Let's venture to take the first steps of this online excursion.

The Sorolla Museum is located in an old house that belonged to the painter Joaquín Sorolla Bastida, on the street General Martínez Campos, 37 28010 (Madrid). This place meant the workshop of many of the great works that left his legacy, and more than a hundred years after its construction (1911), we are faced with a solid complex divided into different areas that stand out for their perfect architectural conditions.

During the virtual journey through the Sorolla Museum it is impossible to mention the beautiful garden that surrounds much of the building and that is also part of the painter's creation. From the ground floor we can visualize the Andalusian Patio, belonging to the Sorolla work area, as well as the chained studios and rooms where some of his paintings have been placed.

The experience of this virtual visit It offers us the possibility of approaching the interior of the house directly and contemplating the different spaces that are shown at an outstanding level of detail. He Sorolla Museum It is considered an institution of great cultural value due to the good number of collections and artistic content They are kept in good condition. For more information, call (0034) 91 3101584 and fax (00 34) 91 3085925.

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