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Virtual visit to the Thyssen museum

In the virtual visit to the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum in Madrid we will travel more than seven centuries of history thanks to an impeccable technological support that has been developed with 3D artistic backgrounds to provide a unique interactive experience.

He Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum It is one of the most important historical complexes of the Madrid capital and if we cannot move to its physical location to know it, we can do it through the virtual visit that he offers us in his Web page and through which we will have access to the ground floor, first and second of the museum, the same where a series of ancient works of art dating from the fifteenth century are on display.

Is 3D virtual tour is done through panoramic photographs which can be viewed at 360 degrees by simply sliding the mouse pointer. The tour starts from the Second Floor, through a virtual section that goes from the Italian Gothic of the thirteenth century, the Renaissance and Classicism of the seventeenth century.

In addition, we can access exclusive content with Dutch, impressionist and post-impressionist paintings that are located in the Low level. If we wish we can alternate between the different multimedia options that have been arranged in the showroom, from videos, audios, historical information and a series of additional data.

When performing the virtual visit to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum we can have access to EducaThysen Educational Project, space dedicated to providing courses, programs, activities and different tools for cultural training. In addition, it is possible to download for free all kinds of documents, publications and images in the virtual tour of the Thysen-Bornemisza Museum, as well as accessing a personalized guide that will allow us to contemplate avant-garde movements, late surrealist, and pop art during the mid-twentieth century.

To make the virtual visit we must enter Then we give you a video where you can view part of the museum’s tour.

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