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Virtual visit to the Vatican

The St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums They are part of the tourist attractionss of the Vatican City that we can visit through the three-dimensional virtual tours of the Vatican which have been available on the website of the Holy See since mid-2010.

Using a computer and an internet connection, we can make a virtual visit to some of the most sacred places in the eternal city (whose spaces guard the remains of the apostle Peter), living every detail, and even identifying some that if we saw them live would go unnoticed. In addition, throughout the visit we can use the zoom to take advantage of the high resolution of the work.

«It is one of the most innovative explorations of a artwork«He declared Paul Wilson, one of those responsible for virtual project so we cannot doubt that the experience is not only difficult to describe but one of the closest to a real experience, being considered, even, as an experience that will change the way historians and artists can see the Michelangelo's work.

This project has lasted more than two years in development and has been organized thanks to the thousands of photographs in High Definition and panoramic (on motorized rails to achieve a three-dimensional projection in digitalization) that were taken by experts both in the Sistine Chapel with in the Basilica of Saint Peter.

Within the spaces that we can visit in the virtual tour we find the Vatican Museums, Vatican City, Egyptian Gregorian Museum, Sistine Chapel, Raphael Stays and Gallery.

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