Visit Fontanars Winery

The Fontanars- Moixent Winery, known as Spanish Tuscany, is one of the most important of the Valencian Community and by visiting it we can meet some of the most modern oenological concepts While we taste wines, we stroll through the vineyards and enjoy the nature that surrounds the winery.

The construction of Fontanars- Moixent Winery It traces us around the 17th century, where the first wine production was documented. In 1667 a building was planned for the restoration of the main environments and since then Fontanars Wineries It remains in perfect condition for the good of tourists who arrive at the facilities of the complex in order to explore the different environments distributed in the more than thirty hectares with which the place has.

Fontanars Wineries He has launched a series of activities and tourist tours for all lovers of good wine, who can come as a family and spend an entertaining day. Among the main activities we can mention the walks and tours around the different complex vines, tastings, short wine tasting workshops, among others.

The tours have been organized in two sections: The Argument visit, which is a road oriented by the vineyards, offering detailed information on the stages prior to the production of the wine and with an average duration of one hour (the cost ranges from 10 euros per person).

And, the second tour known as Traveners, implies a guide through the vineyards as well as the tasting of some typical foods of the region, information on the preparation of the wine and oil tasting of the farm (the price reaches 45 euros per person).

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