Volcanoes Natural Park – Lanzarote

The Los Volcanes Natural Park, with an area of ​​10,158.4 hectares, is located west of the island of Lanzarote, in the municipalities of Yaiza, Tinajo and Aunts, surrounding the Timanfaya National Park. It formed during the eruptions of 1730-1736 and 1824.

Volcanoes Natural Park

It is worth visiting for its extraordinary set of recent lavas and associated geomorphological features, historical casts, such as the White boiler, and lapilli fields. The abundance of volcanic cones, tunnels, stoves and accumulations of welded slags forming almost sculptural towers will amaze the visitor.

The Gulf, Lanzarote

The characteristic flora of these arid climate habitats is represented by diverse lichens and wild geraniums. The fauna, among which are the endemic seabird communities, protected in the Special Protection Area for Birds, and variety of reptiles.

Volcanoes of the Natural Park

Inside the park, on the coast, is the population of The gulf, historical settlement of fishermen, which currently has several places to eat fresh fish.

Hiking excursions

The visit is free, and is made from Tinajo or Yaiza by the main road towards El Golfo. You can hire guided tours of private companies that organize excursions in the park. Although there are no facilities for the transit of wheelchairs or children’s cars, you can, in part, enjoy the scenery and the calm of the place.

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