Walking routes

There are an infinity of walking routes to know Spain. Each community offers different thematic, geographical, etc. itineraries. All constitute an exit to the routine of the city and a good exercise for health that favors direct contact with nature.

Walking routes

Only in the city of Madrid We can find thousands of roads to travel. For example of the Princess of Eboli Street until the Fuente de la Mora Avenue, of the Manuel Becerra Square until the Magallanes Street, of the Doctor Severo Ochoa Avenue until the Jaume Avenue Benidorm, Of the Crossing Street of the Virgen de la Roca to Calle Alcalá, etc.

Walking routes streets of Madrid

If the visitor loves to walk, he can also walk the Fuenfría Valley, in the mountains of Madrid, what is going on The Roman Road, The Schmid Way, the Majalasna Peak, The Lookouts, the Puricelli Way and the High Street.

Walking routes Madrid

They are also accurate to walk the Puerto de Cotos, Rascafría, San Lorenzo de El Escorial and Manzanares El Real.

New route on foot along the Linares river in Amandi.

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