Weekend on Forsyth Island

Forsyth Island It is one of the largest private islands of New Zealand, located in Marlborough Sound, with an extension of more than twenty thousand acres of beautiful nature, where its high mountains and its extensive golden sand coasts invite you to enjoy a relaxing and inspiring weekend that you will not forget!

Forsyth Island, New Zealand

To get to Forsyth Island, a helicopter trip from the capital of New Zealand is necessary. From the moment you land you will realize the class and luxury atmosphere that is handled on the island. The island has its own latent vitality, with the breathtaking views of Marlborough Sound, the horizons of Wellington, a myriad of small islands, 30 kilometers of ocean and coast, beautiful hiking trails among its forests, where some cabins have been built for guests who want all the comforts of the modern era, telephone, Internet, electricity, farms and comfortable guest houses!

Cabin Interior

To enjoy your weekend on the island of Forsyth, the chefs in the area offer a wide selection of cuisine, with menus customized to the taste of the traveler, specializing in New Zealand’s own wines, the renowned Blenheim house and seafood.


We advise you to travel to this little piece of heaven in the Forsyth Island, where the beautiful horizons of New Zealand will conquer your hearts from the time of November until April.

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