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Weekend with children

Travel a weekend among adults it requires less organization than if we travel with children. Travel a weekend with children It implies that we must decide with time what type of transport to use, what excursions will be made, what will be the lodging, and everything necessary for any setback to ruin the trip. A weekend with children It will be ideal if we rightly combine the interests of adults with the needs of children, without forgetting that fun and strengthening ties will define the success of the trip.

Among the recommendations for a successful weekend trip with children, we have:

Select a suitable place. Adults seek rest when we are on vacation but children need adventure and fun, if we do not go to a place where everyone can feel good, children are likely to show their annoyance and count the minutes to return home. If we are going to stay in a hotel, one with a swimming pool, games room, activities for children and appropriate food is ideal.

If we are going camping, we must find out about the weather and weekend forecasts. In addition, we must stop several times on the road and if the children do a lot of physical activity we can give them sweets for the journey.

Prepare the vehicle and bring food. If we go in our car it is ideal to place everything necessary with a minimum day in advance to avoid forgetting something. We can even make children part of the organization. We must have enough food and water even if the trip is very short, so we avoid setbacks if there are problems on the road.

Have a road guide. After selecting the destination we must choose the most appropriate route. Inform us about the culture, attractions of the surrounding villages and others, it will be ideal to distract children. It is also advisable to have a guide to restaurants and recreational areas.

Bring support resources. Although it sounds exaggerated, a portable DVD, video games or a music CD that is liked by children, can save the trip if we have to go to a distant destination where the journey by car can become boring. If we travel with a baby, it is essential to have a bag where your diapers, toys, bottles, and others are at hand.

Some recommended destinations to spend a weekend with children in Spain they are:

Bioparc Valencia. Exploring the beautiful flora and fauna of nature is possible in this zoo. Here we will see gorillas, antelopes, giraffes and zebras sharing habitat and, the park keepers will explain to us about the different feeds and cares that each species requires, in addition to that, they will show us habitual situations of the animal kingdom like watching a raptor fish or how a porcupine is defended. Tickets at Bioparc Valencia have an average of 15 euros. Telephone: 902 250 340.

Crocodile Park In this park we can meet fascinating reptiles within a two-hour guided tour. The Crocodile Park facilities inhabit more than three hundred different kinds of crocodiles. Among the main attractions are: El Gran Paco, crocodile that exceeds six hundred kilos and 85 years old; and, La Caydería de Caimanes, here we can take pictures with a baby without danger. Crocodile Park is located at C / Cuba, 14, Torremolinos in Málaga. Telephone: 952 051 782. And, the tickets have an average of 10 euros.

If we are going to stay near Crocodile Park, we can visit Sea Life in Benalmádena, an aquarium where dolphins, penguins and sharks are waiting for us. If we are looking for something more country, we can ride a horse in the riding center El Ranchito (near Torremolinos).

Parque Catalunya in Miniature. 1:25 scale model theme park where we can see all the emblematic buildings and monuments of Catalonia, such as: La Sagrada Familia, Calafell Castle, Sitges Marina, and Camp Nou. This park has restaurants, games and children’s attractions so we can spend the whole day with the family. The entrance has an average of 9 euros and is located in Torrelles de Llobregat, Barcelona. Telephone: 936 890 960.

Castle of Consuegra. Destination for the more adventurous since we can be medieval peasants and be refugees in the facilities of the castle. We can make the tour of your stays accompanied by a minstrel. During the week we will meet medieval ladies who liven up the route and we can see the minstrels reciting verses of Cid and Don Quijote from the mills. The ticket has an average of 8 euros and you can receive more information at the Consuegra Tourist Office. Telephone: 925 475 731.

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