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What is a boarding pass?

After performing the check-in process (online or in person at the counters of the airlines at the airport) as a final step we must print the boarding pass. If we carry out the process of internet check-in, we can perform from 24 hours before the flight departure up to two hours before, after this period of time we can only print it in the airport.

This card is the document that we will have to have on hand along with our identification document (for national flights) or passport (for international flights) to be able to legitimize our quota on the plane. In the boarding pass the logo of the air Line, full name, passport number, frequent customer number, airport of origin and destination –including those of stopover ,– assigned seat, boarding gate, boarding time, and flight time.

Upon arrival at the boarding gate and when the process starts board the plane, the airline staff will request the boarding pass to remove the drop-down part and we will keep the other part as proof.

If we wish we can also print boarding pass in the machines that are in the airport passages where we only have to enter our reservation number and last name to later select our seat and finally print the card.

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