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What is economy class syndrome?

That on more than one occasion you have heard this term “The Tourist Class Syndrome”, Without even knowing what it is, even some of you will have experienced it without even noticing it.

So today we will inquire about this popular topic among frequent travelers.

This consists of a peculiar formation of “clots“Blood, which occurs regularly in the area of ​​the joints, such as in the legs or knees, a phenomenon quite simple to understand, if we take into account, that large numbers of passengers on airplanes, do not move throughout the flight.

It usually happens within four hours, with trips that exceed this time, so it is advisable to stop during certain intervals and stretch your joints, and you can also walk along the plane.

Now if you are a frequent traveler, it is best to choose with priority your clothes, clothes, socks or compression stockings, even taking pre-flight aspirins will reduce inflammation or thrombosis.

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