What is the Aerotaxi?

We present a new way of travel, especially for all those who travel regularly or for those who want a whim. The Valencian company Jet For You will offer from next January 21 trips from Valencia to Seville in a jet at a moderately affordable price (€ 890).

At first they will only connect these two cities leaving at the beginning only from Valencia. At the beginning of February they will already offer departures from Seville and at the end of February they will expand with the Valencia-Bilbao route. The flight schedules will be on weekdays Valencia-Seville departure 07:00 and return 18:00 and Seville-Valencia round 08:50 and return 17:25, the duration of the flights is one hour and a quarter. The company does not currently have trips on weekends.

At the end of the year they intend to expand with at least two new national destinations and gradually integrate routes with France, Portugal, Italy and North Africa.

The first airplane they offer is the C525 CJ of Wondair, they have four units, this one has room for 5 passengers plus the two pilots, but right now it only offers the five seats in the same reserve, otherwise there are only 4 seats and it reaches a cruising speed of 667 km / h
They also have a Cessna Citation Ultra 560 aircraft that has 7 seats and reaches a cruising speed of 791 km / h and have acquired 24 Phenom 100 aircraft that has 6 seats and a cruising speed of 778 km / h, these aircraft will be available as of September 2009.

Among the amenities that justify the price we find the security in schedules and destinations, the warning to the mobile of possible delays or mishaps, the waiting time at the airport arriving this only fifteen minutes before the departure of the plane without queues in check-in and in the security filters given that a different terminal is used and they are studying the incorporation of the internet connection, a service that is not yet available on any airline in Europe.

Ultra 560Phenom 100Jet 525

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