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What language do they speak in Haiti?

Haiti is a country that has more than 10 million inhabitants and two official languages. In this article, we talk about the languages ​​used in the territory and their history. In addition, we teach you some basic words.

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Official languages

In Haiti we find two official languages: French and Haitian Creole. The first of these, despite being the one used for official documents and the predominant one in education, only about 10% of the population can speak.

French is considered a symbol of status and the people who employ it are usually high class. In addition, to choose to work in government, it is necessary to know how to speak.

On the other hand, Haitian Creole, kreyòl ayisyen or believe it haïtien It is the language used by the vast majority of the population, that is, around 90%.

This has its origin in the eighteenth century, when African slaves mixed French (at that time, Haiti was a colony of France), with some African languages ​​to understand each other.

Despite being the mother tongue of the majority, it is seen as a language of second class and there are hardly any books written in it, although the copies are increasing little by little. There are two different dialects: fablas and plateau.

Contrary to what some people think, French and Haitian Creole are unintelligible with each other, as Creole has a different grammar and lexicon. Here are some basic words in both languages:

Good MorningBonjouBonjour
GoodbyeOrevwaAu revoir
PleaseSilvouplèPor favor
Thank youMe ifMerci
NoNo NNo N

Other languages

A minority of Haitians speak Spanish, since before belonging to the French Empire, this territory was governed by Spain. In addition, it is located within the island of Hispaniola, next to the Dominican Republic.

The areas where it is most practiced are especially those in the part near the border. In addition, in some sectors of education it is taught, although many of the young people do not have access to it.

On the other hand, in Labadee, a land rented by the government of Haiti to the company Royal Caribbean International, as it is a tourist complex, English is also spoken.

Another language that is beginning to be popular and, therefore, some people are interested in learning and practicing it, is Portuguese.

User Questions

How can I learn the language of Haiti?

French is taught in numerous language academies around the world. In addition, on the Internet we find several portals dedicated to this language. As for Creole, there are some books and courses, but it is much less widespread.

What languages ​​are spoken in Port-au-Prince?

In Port-au-Prince, in addition to Haitian Creole and, to a lesser extent, French, there are also people who speak English, as it is one of the few tourist cities in the country.

In what other countries is Haitian Creole spoken?

Due to the important communities of Haitian immigrants, in other states such as the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Florida and the Bahamas it is possible to find people who use this language. It also occurs, although to a lesser extent, in other countries such as the United States and France.

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