What suits me some yacht, a catamaran, boat or sailboat?

Every adventurous traveler who arrives at the oceanic coast in search of living the experience aboard a boat is in doubt of which type suits him and which one will best meet his expectations … a fairly simple matter in reality, in which versiontravel advises you better!

Practically what boat suits me some yacht, catamaran, boat or sailboat? It is summed up to what would be the number of people who will accompany you, the destination you expect to find and of course the economic factor.

To start the Catamarans They are double-bottomed boats, ranging in size from 11 to 14 meters long, of large interior size, for about 12 passengers, ideal for a family or a large group of friends who want a luxurious experience.


The Sailboats They are one of the most common and somewhat economical options, with a length that varies widely from 12 meters to lengths of 25 meters! But they usually house a limited number of 6 to 8 people inside.


The rapids Yachts. This is the ideal option to enjoy practically a “Moment”, a quick escape to some of the inaccessible hidden coasts or a short walk to enjoy the adrenaline at great speed bouncing on the accelerated sea waves. The sizes range between 10 and 15 meters

    Fast Ships

The best way to enjoy the sea is to board a ship sleeping under the heat of the stars rocked by the gentle waves of the sea.

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