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What to do today? The best leisure guides in Madrid

If we travel to Madrid and do not know what activities to do or where we can go to have fun, we have the Madrid leisure guides, publications where we will have access to information about the entertainment and leisure offers that we will find in the city. Within the best leisure guides in Madrid we have:

Leisure guide. This guide can be acquired in the kiosks every Friday at the price of one euro and in it we can find information about concerts, gastronomy, sporting events, cinema, theater performances, travel data and others (including a special section of activities that we can perform with the little ones at home). In Madrid Leisure Guide we will have the most important references on how to enjoy our free time in the Spanish capital.

The GO Guide. This leisure guide is distributed monthly for free in more than twenty Spanish cities and, in it, we can find information related to leisure and entertainment such as premieres in movie theaters, festivals, concerts, exhibitions, theater, tips on where to eat, the trendy bars and a complete guide to Madrid stores.

What we do today The 100 best plans to enjoy Madrid as a family. This guide is aimed at indicating what activities we can do with the kids, whether from visiting museums, attending theater presentations, spending a day in a theme park or hiking, in the more than three hundred pages of this guide we can find all the information necessary to spend a family day. The price of the guide is 19 euros.

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