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What to do today? The best leisure guides in Menorca

In the Menorca’s best leisure guides We will find a good tool to know the entertainment offers that the island offers us and thus be able to better organize our travel itinerary. In them we will find details about excursions, restaurants, concerts, shops, etc. Within the main leisure guides Recommended we have:

Leisure guide in Menorca. As we have been mentioning in the leisure guides of other cities such as Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​etc., Leisure Guide is one of the most complete in information and has editions of almost all the main cities of Spain.

Leisure guide in Menorca can be acquired weekly in the main kiosks of Menorca for one euro and in it we will find information about the premieres in movie theaters, exhibitions, gastronomic routes, cultural routes, museums, among others.

A great weekend in Menorca. If we look for more information even if it is anachronistic of how to mobilize for Menorca and what leisure attractions await us in this mess, we can acquire the book A great weekend in Menorca for € 11.30. In this guide we will inform you about the shops, hotels, markets, fashion bars, discos, art galleries, theaters, and others, which we can visit (all itineraries have plans).

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