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What to see – France

If you decide to go sightseeing in France you must have your own preferences and personal interests, only if you have several months you can quietly visit all the French areas, attractions and monuments. If you want to see the most classic of this country, here are some guidelines.

The most representative of France, is without a doubt, The Eiffel Tower, it is a building built by the French engineer Gustave Eiffel, hence the name. It has a height of 300 meters and its weight is 7300 tons, the ideal is to climb to the top to visualize the entire city.

Eiffel Tower

The Arch of Triumph It is located in the city of Paris, exactly on Champe-Élysées Avenue, and was created by order of Napoleon in order to dedicate it to the troops after the battle of Austerlitz. Inside the monument you can visit a museum that tells the history of the arch and details of its construction. At night it keeps a wonderful view of Paris.

Paris Triumphal Arch

The recognized Louvre Museum It is one of the best known venues in the world for the extensive list of artistic pieces that it has. In principle it was the accommodation of the Kings of France, among his most recognized paintings and sculptures are La Gioconda and Venus de Milo, respectively. Occasionally important pieces also arrive as part of a Cultural Tour. The general admission is seven euros, but the first Sundays of each month all enter for free.

Another monument that you can not miss is the famous Notre Dame Cathedral, also located in Paris and is one of the most visited attractions by international tourists.

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