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What to see in Costa Rica

We propose a trip that you will surely never forget, heading to Latin America.

Flights to Costa Rica

So our recommendation is “Costa Rica”, One of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Central America, for its natural beauty and“ strategically ”speaking, we could say that it is a real bargain for this low season.

Costa Rica regularly receives an average of one million visitors a year, travelers who venture not only for its magnificent capital city, but rather, towards its tropical jungles, which have earned it a reputation for its magic and unique charm.

These cover a .03% of the total area of ​​our entire planet! Which means that in this enormous magnitude it houses six percent of global biodiversity, which immediately makes it an ideal destination to enjoy eco-adventures, such as renting 4 × 4 vehicles in any tourism agencies or camping equipment!

So you know what destination to choose for this low season, if you want to enjoy beaches, ecotourism, action and of course discover its people, travel to Costa Rica.

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