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Where to go on summer vacations?

If we still do not know what to do on summer vacations and we are undecided, we can choose a destination within Spain, in Europe or in the Caribbean where you can always enjoy the sun and beautiful beaches.

Whether on the beaches, in the mountains or surrounded by greenery, summer vacations are ideal to relax and enjoy with our family, couple, friends or alone.

Among the places we can meet this summer we have: Cádiz, ideal to enjoy the Spanish coasts and explore its beaches and streets full of parties and offers of day and night leisure; Greece, if we like the natural spaces and the beaches of crystalline waters, nothing like spending the summer holidays touring the Greek beaches located on the Mediterranean coast and Asturias, a recommended destination for those looking to spend a slightly quieter holiday and being in contact with the nature.

In Asturias we can relax while we know the nearby towns enjoying their culture, history and delicious cuisine.

Although, if what we want to go to the destination par excellence in these times we can visit the Caribbean. Although in some areas of the Caribbean it is not summer between the months of July to September, it is a warm weather destination, so the average is maintained at 22 ° C. We can visit the Riviera Maya, Cancun, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, the Colombian coasts, among others.

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