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Why travel to Egypt

They say that one of the places to know before you die is Egypt, with the incredible sphinxes and pyramids cairo, temples, ancient tombs, monuments to the ancient pharaohs with their treasures that were hidden for centuries, this tour can be done with an exciting camel ride, of course you can not miss the amazing Nile river, which crosses the desert of Cairo where there is possibility to take a cruise of one or several days.

Egypt is a place with an ancient culture and its people know it for that reason they built a few years ago one of the largest museums where amazing works of art and the bazaar are exhibited where you can buy handicrafts and unique handmade things.

The best months to travel to Egypt It is between October and May, when it is clear you can see the views, between April and November to go to the dive sites is the best, we invite you to know this incredible place as recommended in a period of time to know the most important attractions It is from 2 to 4 weeks, to get to know absolutely everything including the Red Sea and Alexandria with all its beauty.

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