Wine by Logroño

In our eagerness to be better connoisseurs of the delicious and exquisite wine, we begin a trip to Logroño next to the powers of the Rioja, close to the Navarra closes.


Very close to Logroño, there are extensive vineyards, where autumn turns the landscape into a space of ocher and silver tones, its lands are filled with reddish colors, by the leaves that fall from the top of its trees, into one of the meanders From the Ebro, we observe a series of silver curvatures, the amazing Yisios Wineries for their futuristic architecture and undulating roofs, which contrast with the horizon of the Cantabrian Mountains.

Rioja Rioja

Already in Logroño (qualified as headquarters of the Regulatory Council of the Rioja), known for its thriving vineyards, we begin the tour to see some wineries and houses producing the well-known wines of the Rioja.


We begin with the extensive hectares that enclose the castle of Ygay, the wineries of the Marquis de Murrieta, one of the oldest in the region, where we will take advantage of visiting and touring the beautiful Laurel Street of Logroño, here we recommend you to taste the best Skewers of the city. Then we will visit the Museum of culture del Vino, a place full of art and history, where there is a mix for the barricade space with paintings and sculptures.

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