Wines of Jerez

This wine is born in Cádiz, exactly in the area of ​​Jerez. The first wineries that were established with this wine were: Osborne, Garvey, Duff-Gordon, Wisdom & Warter.
Due to the unique feature of the sherry, such as soil, climate and production, is that it is currently exported worldwide.

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Types of Jerez wines:

Peter Jimenez. It is in the group of sweet wines. For its elaboration the grapes are left sunny, only this way you can get their raisin smell and its mild flavor. It usually accompanies blue cheeses and pastries.

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Cream Considered one of the generous wines in liquor. It is very sweet and dark in color. Ideal to consume with pastries.

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Pale Cream It has a golden color and high degree of alcohol, while being delicate with the palate. It can be taken with dried fruits.

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Cut stick. It has a soft hazelnut flavor and it is a bright mahogany color. This wine is very difficult to find, because the grapes necessary for its production ceased to exist as a result of a pest.

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Fine. Have a almond flavor and accompanies soups, seafood, soft cheeses and white fish very well.

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