Zoological Park and Botanical Garden – San José (Costa Rica)

In July 1921 it opens its doors to the public Simón Bolívar National Botanical Garden and Zoo. Its origins date back to 1884, when Henry Pittier Promond founded the Garden of Plants and Animals. From that moment until today, the road traveled by this institution has been a long one.
Entrance to the Zoological Park and Botanical Garden of San José

Today, nestled in the Amón neighborhoodIts main objective is to educate the population in the conservation of wild life national. Under the auspices of FUNDAZOO, try to change the concept of a zoo as an “animal prison.”

Tropical flower in the Botanical Garden

Offer the visitor a recreational area in the middle of the city with its 2.5 hectares of tree-lined gardens, and a varied collection of native and exotic animals. We cannot miss the reptile house and the sample of exotic tropical birds, which are true treasures.

Walk through the San Jose Zoo

The park has a training area in ecology which provides workshops and Guided visits to visitors, a souvenir shop and a restaurant. The value of the ticket is around one euro and children under 3 years do not pay. Open all year, except Good Friday from 8 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon. You can contact them via email: info @`

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